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won. 3-1

This weeks match was expected to be a pretty straightforward fixture. Both teams were grateful for the extra home match and arrived particularly promptly. We kicked off with Alex vs. Bryony at 4 and Charly vs. Jane at 3. As expected, the matches went in favour of the blues and both were won 3-0, but it was good match experience for all. It was also useful for the captains to be able to see their players in a match situation before the BUCS re-ranking window. Next on were Katie and Eve at 1 and 2 respectively. Katie and ferret’s captain Charly had tried to make the matches as evenly matched as possible, so the top seeds Sam and Eleanor had a week off. This turned out to be a fatal error. Katie, having never even seen Isabel play let alone play her, was taken by surprise on court and the game started slipping away from her. She blamed it on having eaten too recently. That cupcake was just too irresistible at 3pm and she was now paying the price. Long story short, Isabel attacked very well and took advantage of Katie’s bad day. We are very proud of her for this and she clinched the match 3-0. Eve had a good game against Alice at 2 and won the match 3-0. Katie promised to pull her socks up, and fortunately the next day she went out and bought some longer ones so she could do just that. Onwards and upwards.