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Lost 3-1

A brave team of women’s blues set out on a blustery Wednesday afternoon to face the first BUCS match of term. Katie in her new position of authority reassured the rest of the team that Leicester probably “wouldn’t be that good”. Charly ate a rather disappointing low-calorie packed lunch and complained about it quite a bit. The journey was smooth and we made it in good time thanks mainly to Sam’s unreal navigational skills. Eve and Charly, playing at 3 and 4 respectively, were first to face their opponents. Eve was battling hard against her opponent whilst Charly had the match under control right from the start. The turning point of Eve’s match was accompanied by a fist pump and a “come on” as she won the point to make it 6-5 in the 3rd game, she was already 2 games down. She went on to win the game with some impressive attacking play, but unfortunately the match was taken from her in the 4th game. Eve assures us that with a few more training and fitness sessions she will be on form to beat her opponent next time at home. Charly had wrapped up her match 11-2 11-2 11-2 by this point and had barely broken a sweat. She was pleased to be able to enjoy her triple-chocolate cookie that she had longed for all day up to that point. Sam and Katie (1 and 2) were next on court and both faced technically very good players. Katie’s opponent ran away with the first two games and the temper that made her famous in the Oxfordshire sports scene started to resurface. Some calming words from Eve helped her to clinch slightly more points from the final game, but the game was lost. Sam had admitted in advance that she was very rusty, but to be fair to her she did spend the summer getting a big fancy adult law job so credit to her. Her best performance was in the third game when she started to get more into the rhythm of the match, but her opponent was strong. Some pleasantries were exchanged between the two teams before it was time to head home. The women’s blues agreed over a well deserved McDonald’s that it’s tough to play a strong team in week 1 after just one training session. However, the competitive spirit shown up in Leicester suggests great promise for the weeks and months ahead.

Fitness. Food. Fun. Fitness. Food. Fun.