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For the Freshers that we met at Fresher’s Fair, we thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and look forward to seeing you on the squash court. And for the returning members of OUSRC, welcome back!

The following email is going to contain all the critical information you need to know to link up with Oxford squash. So hang on to it!

1. Team Trials
Every year we field 4 squads: Two of these are the men’s and women’s blue teams, the others are seconds teams (called the squirrels and ferrets). The blues squads typically have 5-8 players, while the seconds typically had around 12-16 players. If you’d like to try-out for these teams, you’ll need to attend trials this weekend. Here’s the details:
Men’s Trials, 1-3pm, Saturday and Sunday (6th & 7th)
Women’s Trials, 3-5pm, Saturday and Sunday (6th & 7th)
Where?: Iffley Road Sports Complex, Squash Courts 1-3. (Ask reception for directions)
What to bring?: A squash racquet and non-marking court shoes. If you don’t have these, don’t panic – please bring clean joggers/trainers and the club will have a spare racquet for you to hit with. Can’t have that stopping you!
How is works?: Turn up to the appropriate time slot and make yourself known to the captains or a committee member. We will organise for you to take the court with one or a few people. The captains will watch you, try give you feedback and may ask you to try different things on court. The courts can get pretty crowded too, so please be patient. We want everyone to get a fair chance to show us what squash skills they’ve got.

I was selected, what now?: The captains might give you a ‘tap on the shoulder’ and put you on a court with a tougher opponent, or quietly ask you to come back at a different time for the same reason. If you’re selected, for the blues or seconds, the captains will usually let you know that you’re definite or being considered, and then will make sure to have your details for contacting you later. They will instruct you to join as a ‘squad member’ when appropriate.
I wasn’t selected, what now?: The game isn’t over! Please don’t walk away thinking you’re not ‘good enough’ or not included anymore. There’s a number of options for you and its important you know them. Firstly, OUSRC has a ladder competition deliberately for this! Players right across Oxford, including our squad members, all participate. A ladder competition allows you to play as little or as much as you like, challenging others around your standard. It is very possible to progress to a standard where you can request to enter the squads (especially if your’re beating squad players). You’ll need to be a social member to access this. Remember that social members have free coaching every Sunday during term, free Iffley Sport Complex court access (all year) and almost all the other benefits. You’ll be able to improve your game across the year and we’ll be here to help you all the way. Being a social member means you’ll have amazing access to other squash players too and you’ll have hitting partners in no time. There’s all levels of engagement possible across the University. You could even play squash at Cuppers or Leagues (inter-college competitions).
As an additional note, our captains have a very tough job selecting the teams and they will do the best they can. But maybe it wasn’t your day and you just didn’t get the chance to show us what you’ve got. Please send them a email and just ask to jump on the court again with them or another player. They will use their discretion on how to proceed afterwards. Please do respect their final call though.
I can’t make trials: This happens sometimes. If you’re super keen, please contact our captains to organise a separate hit or time to come down to training. They’ll be able to make a quick assessment. You can also join as a social member and use the ladder to make your way into the squad.

Joining information and benefits can be found here: http://www.oxfordsquash.co.uk/join-us/
We’ll also make a Facebook event on our page: https://www.facebook.com/ousrc/

2. Membership
Membership has had a few changes this year – definitely for the better! The committee has been hard at work and are proud to have organised a number of benefits, which will be extended to all members. Furthermore, we’ve made the deliberate decision to keep the social membership fees low, but still give you even more. You’ll need to wait for trials if you’re keen on squad membership, but if social is what you want, you can sign up here: Membership Form

Social members (£60/year for university students, £75/year for university staff, £120 for community members) can:

  • Book of Iffley courts for free (avoiding the usual £5.60 fee for each 45 minute court booking)
  • Join the ladder (play other Oxford players year round)
  • Purchase club kit
  • Receive free coaching once a week (Sundays)
  • Free 3-month membership to SquashSkills.com
  • Discounted Karakal gear (40% off!!!)
  • Attend social events (an array of dinners, crew dates, pub crawls, and even visits to PSL matches)
  • And more…

Squad members (£100/year for university students) can get all the above benefits from being a social member, and:

  • Represent the University of Oxford in BUCs fixtures, varsity matches, and exclusive fixtures (i.e. Queens, Jesters, RAC, O&C, etc)
  • Receive coaching twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays)
  • Purchase exclusive club kit
  • Receive a free ‘dark blue’ shirt
  • Additional exclusive benefits with Karakal and other sponsors

Remember – Iffley gym membership doesn’t include squash court access, so you’ll have to pay each time unless you’re a member of OUSRC. Please also note that squad members are selected at trials and you’ll be notified if this membership category applies to you.

3. Socials!
Our first social for the year will be a get together after trials on Sunday (7th). It’ll be a great chance for our veterans to catch up and our new members to get to know others. There’ll be a strong turn out from squad members (new and old), but please don’t be shy if you’re one of our social members!

Venue: Cape of Good Hope (mention Oxford Squash if you can’t find us)
Time: 7.30pm (closes at 11pm)
Date: 7th Oct (Sunday)

Oxford Squash does regular socials a little bit different to many other clubs. After coaching on a Sunday, we like the idea of making our way to the pub for a casual chill and chat. Social, squad, staff and community members are all welcome. The first pub visit will coincide with the first members’ coaching day – Sunday 14th. Stay in touch for details – though we’re very casual about it. Other social events like crew dates and dinners are well on their way also – stay tuned to our social media!

That’s all for now. The OUSRC committee is looking forward to an amazing year ahead and getting to meet / hit with you all. Happy training and see you soon!

If you have any questions or wish to contact us, please visit our website for Facebook page.