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won 4-0

Our second fixture against the ferrets this term helpfully fell during the OUSU/BUCS This Girl Can week. To celebrate this, we all turned up to the match swapping out some of the normal dark blue and white for pink!

Kicking things off were Isabel vs. Jess and Eve vs. Lizzie. Lizzie showed off an impressive comeback after injury with some strong opposition to Eve’s quick game. You could see her knee wasn’t quite back to normal as she struggled to run for some balls she normally would’ve taken. Eve took the match 3-0 but both players had a good run around. Isabel played well in her game against Jess, the newly appointed ferrets co-captain, and also took the match comfortably. Charly had a close game against her opponent Bryony. Charly, fresh from an appearance on the rugby pitch for the women’s blues, was donning some impressive looking strapping for her sore shoulder. Her forehands and serves remained strong but she clearly struggled with the pain on the backhand side. Bryony managed to take advantage of this and won a closely fought 3rd game, but Charly got it back to win the match 3-1. Katie was on against Clare at number 1. She took a while to warm up into the game and lost several points on the serve return. The first game was extremely close but Katie saved a few match points to get the lead. In the second game Katie took more of an attacking approach which was reassuring to the onlookers imagining a repeat of the first ferrets fixture. In the end she took the match 3-1 having taken her foot off the pedal again in the third game. Clare was an extremely worthy opponent and one to watch for the future.

At the end everyone was all smiles as we posed for our “This Girl Can” team photo. The close and high quality matches this week certainly proved that squash girls can!