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This match was to be the last away match of the term and the women’s blues were raring to go, Eve so much so that she was actually early for the first time in history. With this tremendous start followed by Katie actually taking the right exit from the junction 15 M40 roundabout the team was looking unstoppable. Katie requested a 12-0 win over Warwick to match the result against Birmingham’s 2nd team the previous week. And boy did they deliver.

Charly had a good runaround at 4 against an opponent who was considerably weaker but got a surprising number of her shots back; she won 3-0. Eve dominated her player as she likes to do and took an easy 3-0 victory. Sam demolished her opponent who couldn’t keep up with the pace on the ball and had very short rallies. Katie had a slightly tougher match against an opponent who played a lot of well placed drops (Katie’s least favourite shot to retrieve) and volleyed anything going high. Some low crosscourt kills and clean shots to the back ensured that she won every game but it was close.

The biggest victory of the day was finishing the 2pm fixture at 3:05 and getting back to Oxford before the rush hour. Well done team.