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This year’s 5-7 scoreline was a continued improvement on the 3-9, 2-10, 1-11 scorelines of the previous 3 years. Highlights of play included Ben Lloyd “breaking” his opponent at second string to take the match 3-1, two hard fought five game battles half way down the order from Nicola Dotti and Ed Burn, and James Lamming holding and boasting his way to victory at number 9. Highlights of the evening included hearing more than we wanted to about the exploits of the Cambridge side, learning of the surprisingly wide range of CUSRC merchandise available, and the joys of paying an arm and a leg to experience a rather uninspired Cambridge nightlife.

Seen in light of recent years, the day was certainly a success and reflected the good depth in the Men’s side this year. Thank-you to the Cambridge side, particularly Cambridge captains Isaac Freckleton and Ellie Kirwan, for organising the weekend and communicating with me and Cabbage throughout.

The scores:

1. Joe Bolt 1-3
2. Benjamin Lloyd 3-1
3. John Townhill 0-3
4. Russell Cook 3-0
5. Nicola Dotti 2-3
6. Faraaz Khan 0-3
7. Edward Burn 2-3
8. Jordan Docker 3-0
9. James Lamming 3-0
10. Aaron Hundle 0-3
11. Patrick Middleton 3-0
12. Caspar Whitehead 0-3