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The Seconds Squash Varsity Match will be taking place in Cambridge tomorrow, at the University of Cambridge Sports Centre starting from 1pm. If you are a dark blue in exile nearby, please do come down to cheer loudly for the Ferrets and Squirrels!

Ferrets team:

  1. Eve Shenkman
  2. Louisa Hotson
  3. Aigerim Saudabayeva
  4. Charly Eaton Hart
  5. Catherine Felce
  6. Isabel Chalmers
  7. Maisie Heine
  8. Katharine Kidd
  9. Lizzie Watson
  10. Jane Barnard
  11. Olivia wiles
  12. Lizzie Harnett
  13. Bryony Perham

Squirrels team:

  1. Joe Bolt
  2. Benjamin Lloyd
  3. John Townhill
  4. Russell Cook
  5. Nicola Dotti
  6. Faraaz Khan
  7. Edward Burn
  8. Jordan Docker
  9. James Lamming
  10. Aaron Hundle
  11. Patrick Middleton
  12. Caspar Whitehead