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This match took quite a bit of organization well before it started. Not only did we have to point out to BUCS that we were supposed to be playing Sheffield (not Manchester, who would have been much stronger opposition from our playoff match), we also our own sports fed to kindly pay for our train tickets on the way out, as we were driverless on the way there. However we all felt such a fuss was necessary to ensure we had the best chance of winning this match and earning promotion into the premier league for next season.

First on we had Jimmy at 5 and Owen at 3. Their games were opposite to one another in that Jimmy had a tough first game, but then sharpened up to take a comfortable 3-0 win, whereas Owen took a very comfortable first game, but the later games were drawn out. Nevertheless, Owen battled hard to take a 3-1 victory.

At 4, Tom had quite a straightforward game, aided by multiple unforced errors and winning 3-0.

With Alex about to step on, the match was all but over. All we needed now was Phil, who got suck in traffic on his there, to arrive in enough time to prevent us from having to forfeit the match. Fortunately he arrived shortly after Alex started and began to warm up.

Alex, playing at 2, got stuck into a long and high quality match. After over an hour of solid squash, he eventually went down 3-1. Meanwhile, Phil took a 3-1 win playing some more relaxed (and perhaps quite unconventional) squash.

The result was 4-1 to Oxford overall, a great win to put us in the premiership for next season and retain our winning streak before varsity.