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On the 4th of March 13 Ferrets travelled up to Cambridge for the annual varsity match. Most of us split between two cars – Louisa’s own and Lizzie’s hired car, and the journey was seamless, although Louisa most certainly got a head start when we realised that within 5 minutes of setting off from Hotsons we were 4 miles off course… Let’s just say we took the scenic route to Cambridge and I am now banned from sitting in the front seat again! It was lovely to find, on arrival at Cambridge, many members of family and friends who had also made the journey to cheer and support, not to mention many swanky little brochures that had been printed out as programmes. After meeting the Cambridge team and a quick warm up, the match play began. Throughout the day the standard of play was extremely high, and we managed to hold the edge over Cambridge with our excellent fitness (all those well-attended sessions really payed off…) and our cool heads when it came to match situations. Despite the high expectations set by last year’s excellent results the whole team played extremely well, and we walked away with an 11-2 win. Special mention goes to Jane, who played an extremely close game, and managing to hold out over her opponent, eventually won 3-2. A similar game was had by Lizzie W, who, after winning the first game then lost the next two. Lizzie’s absolute determination, however, saw her through the next two games as she fought tooth and nail to win her match. Of course, Charly is also worthy of special mention as this match was indeed her second varsity match of the day and she fought like a trooper, sadly, despite her impressive tenacity, sheer fatigue got the better of her at the very last moment. I must also mention Eve’s match, a fierce game to follow from the side-lines, of which the score sheet does not fairly represent the quality of play displayed. Lizzie H, Olivia, Cabbage, Maisie, Isabel, Catherine, Aigerim, and Louisa all played exceptionally well, winning their matches 3-0, while Bryony only dropped a game. All showed a fine display of steely reserves as they aced their serves, executed widthy alley shots, dominated the T, and engineered the neatest of drop shots (the latter no doubt encouraged by Louisa’s hearty encouragements of “drop it like its hot!” from the side lines). Particular mention should also go to Bryony, Lizzie W, Olivia, and Cabbage who all played two matches in order to accommodate for the extra reserves that Cambridge had. Overall, this year the ferrets performed exceptionally, not only supporting each other with encouragement (if anything could be heard through that snazzy glass) during and between games, but also showing off the exceptional game play that they have been working on for the past two terms, and rightfully defended the cup that they so well deserve. Full scores are listed below, with bonus matches against the Cambridge reserves in brackets.





1) Eve Shenkman: 0-3


2) Louisa Hotson: 3-0


3) Aigerim Saudabayeva: 3-0


4) Charly Eaton Hart: 2-3

5) Catherine Felce: 3-0


6) Isabel Chalmers: 3-0

7) Maisie Heine: 3-0

8) Katharine Kidd: 3-0 (3-0)


9) Lizzie Watson: 3-2 (3-0)


10) Jane Barnard: 3-2

11) Olivia Wiles: 3-0 (3-0)

12) Lizzie Harnett: 3-0

13) Bryony Perham: 3-1 (3-0)