Women's Blues Varsity

Women’s Blues Varsity

  After an excellent season for the women’s blues, taking second in our BUCS league and demonstrating outstanding commitment and improvement, we were as ready…

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24th January Women's Blues vs. Warwick 1sts

24th January Women’s Blues vs. Warwick 1sts

won 3-1 Our final BUCS match of the season was thankfully on home turf, at the slightly annoying time of 2pm (when does one have…

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Week 7 women's Blues vs. Ferrets

Week 7 women’s Blues vs. Ferrets

won 4-0 Our second fixture against the ferrets this term helpfully fell during the OUSU/BUCS This Girl Can week. To celebrate this, we all turned…

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Week 5 Away vs. Warwick

Week 5 Away vs. Warwick

This match was to be the last away match of the term and the women’s blues were raring to go, Eve so much so that she…

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Women's Jesters fixture Saturday 4th November

Women’s Jesters fixture Saturday 4th November

This Saturday was the much-anticipated annual Jester’s fixture. For the second year in a row, the Jester’s club (many thanks to Emily Peach and Oli…

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Women's Blues vs. Nottingham 2s - 3rd week

Women’s Blues vs. Nottingham 2s – 3rd week

won. 3-1 Another BUCS Wednesday was upon us. Feeling fresh from a few more training sessions the blues set off for Nottingham extremely promptly, possibly…

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Women's Blue's vs. Women's Ferrets - Week 2

Women’s Blue’s vs. Women’s Ferrets – Week 2

won. 3-1 This weeks match was expected to be a pretty straightforward fixture. Both teams were grateful for the extra home match and arrived particularly…

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Women's Blues vs. Leicester 1sts

Women’s Blues vs. Leicester 1sts

Lost 3-1 A brave team of women’s blues set out on a blustery Wednesday afternoon to face the first BUCS match of term. Katie in…

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Women's Blues vs Exeter 1sts

Women’s Blues vs Exeter 1sts

Sam was nearly arrested today (issues of language and interpreting the law – but fortunately this seems to be smoothing over and Sam’s looking into…

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Women's Blues vs Loughborough 1sts

Women’s Blues vs Loughborough 1sts

The 4-0 win score did nothing to reflect how close the matches were at the cold courts of Loughborough. Susana had a gruelling five setter…

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